Registration of cosmetic products in the CPNP

To register the product in CPNP, we need:

1. Data from the report of safety assessment

  1. Product name
  2. Name and address information of the manufacturer
  3. Name and address of the responsible person (legal or natural)/introductory product on the market, EU
  4. Last name first name and the data of the person responsible for the dossier (dossier)
  5. Data on recipe or recipes framework (published by CPNP)
  6. Information about some of the active ingredients (products containing nanomaterials must be recorded in the six months before the introduction on the market)
  7. Data on the immediate packaging

2. Photo of a cosmetic product (such as the packaging of the product is made available to the consumer for example, standing on a shelf)

3. The origin of the product (country of origin) EU State into which the product is introduced for the first time

Cosmetic product registered by the CPNP may be on the second day after the registration of shared customers registration data are not available for other users of the CPNP some data are available for the main Sanitary Inspector Data are provided your doctor in case of e.g.. ingestion of the product by the child or other side effects