Safety assessment report


Documents necessary to carry out the cosmetic product safety assessment

  1. The qualitative and quantitative composition (formulation) of the product
  2. * Physico-chemical specification of the product
  3. A brief technological description
  4. Safety data sheets and raw material specifications
  5. The effectiveness preservative test (Ko-ko test)
  6. Results of dermatological tests
  7. Results of application tests (if you need to prove marketing declarations, eg reduce wrinkles by 20%)
  8. Technical data and certificates for the contact packaging
  9. Results of testing the compatibility of the packaging material with the cosmetic mass
  10. Pattern / text of the label / leaflet / outer packaging

- * - The quantitative composition of the cosmetic product (formula) can be given in the exact form or in the form from - to (eg 5% - 8%). The Safety Assessor counts the exposure to the ingredient for the maximum value. The quantities of preservatives, certain dyes and active substances must be entered exactly. To write a recipe, the names of raw materials are used according to the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetics Ingredients).

Sample report ( number of pages: 37 )
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